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We offer workshops on a variety of Celtic topics, including historical research, Celtic languages, themed craft classes, and period-specific Celtic courses.

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01/06/2015 - 01/31/2015
Scottish Highlanders 1500-1800

Kilted Highlanders are recognised the world round. Everyone knows they belong to Scotland, and everyone knows they were organised in clans. If such striking clothing developed amongst a European people, you can assume there were other differences as well: law, landholding, marriage customs, holidays, belief in the supernatural, etc. And you’d be right.


For example, the seasons began and ended earlier in the Gaelic-speaking Highlands than in English-speaking regions. Trial marriage for a year was a test of a couple’s fertility … and the ability to get along with each other of course. (This is where the romance novel comes in!)


You’ll learn about the ‘clan system’, the relations between Highlands and Lowlands, and the end with the ‘clan system’ including the effect of the Jacobite Rebellions and the beginning of emigration to the New World.


This course will show you what personal names belong to the Highlands, the meaning of place names and a few words of the language Highlanders learned at their mother’s knee.


What you learn may not agree in all aspects with what you have read in novels and seen in film. The use you make of the material is entirely up to you, but be assured your knowledge of this unique people will be enriched.



Instructor: Sheila Currie


While living over eight years in Europe, Sheila learned the languages and history of Scotland, Ireland and France. She learned Gaelic at Xavier College in Nova Scotia (now UCB) then received a MA in Scottish History and Celtic Studies from the University of Glasgow. While at university she had a job selling books for the Gaelic Books Council in the Highlands and became quite familiar with the region.

She now lives in British Columbia, Canada and teaches Scottish and Irish history part-time at university. She is currently writing an historical fantasy.


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Welcome to the international special interest group of the Romance Writers of America dedicated to all things Celtic and romance. Our chapter has the distinction of being run completely online, which provides us the opportunity to cater to romance writers all over the world. We exist primarily to develop and support writers who have interest in Celtic topics, in every subgenre of romance that exists.
We provide a variety of services to our members, from critique groups to a supportive chat loop. We have invested PAN and PRO members within our groups, including multi-published, award-winning authors and brand new authors who haven’t even finished a manuscript yet; we run an active campus that focuses on Celtic research courses, where all classes are free to our members; we have two annual writing contests that focus on publishing both novel-length and novella-length fiction. Whatever your interest in writing, whether finding a supportive community or a place to develop your craft, this is the place.
Our chapter is a place to connect with other Celtophiles, but also a place to belong. While we offer many services, our top priority is the care and support of our members. We love to provide research resources or have discussions about the rooms in a medieval Scottish castle, but we also celebrate sales and lament bad reviews, share in the joy of new births (of novels, and of babies) and provide support during the difficult times of life. We look forward to having you join us, wherever you are in your writing journey.
Please join us today. Exercise your inner Celt and become one of our Clan. Celtic Hearts Romance Writers is where love and legends meet, and we look forward to meeting you.
Rebecca Lynn – President, Celtic Hearts Romance Writers

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